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Slimming World has greatly expanded throughout Cyprus..

You can now join and visit groups ALL OVER CYPRUS

NOW even more groups available!!

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Slimming World Consultant Opportunities

Slimming World are NOT CURRENTLY recruiting in Cyprus.

As an ongoing commitment to our members, if you are interested in becoming a consultant and you are a member of a Slimming World group in Cyprus (and you are getting close to your personal weight loss target)  please contact Team Developer Caroline Goode for further details.




This is “The Real” Slimming World! Direct from the UK!

Slimming World was launched in Cyprus in January 2011. All consultants work for Slimming World UK and have attended top quality training at UK Head Office as well as being successful on their own weight loss journeys using the Slimming World Healthy Eating plans.

Want to join your nearest group?

You can visit any of the groups listed above, no appointments necessary-just come along at the advertised session times.

Feel free to contact the group consultant before you go if you have any questions.

When you join Slimming World you have 3 choices: Pay Weekly, Buy a 6 week course or buy a 12 week course.

As well as committing to attending group, guaranteeing success, if you pay in advance you also get FREE WEEKS!

Buy a 6 week course, pay for 5 weeks or buy a 12 week course pay for 10 weeks!